Jacqueline Gamache is a Metro Detroit-based freelance graphic designer specializing in branding and UI/UX design.

Selected Projects

Brand Identity - Website Design - Campagin              2023

Roam & Venture

Brand Identity - Website Design - Campagin              2023

Plant Pal

Risograph - Sustainability                                             2022

Invasive Species

Brand Identity - Sustainability - Campaign                 2022 

Grizz Greens

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Roam & Venture

Brand Identity - Website Design - Social Media Campaign - 2023
A modern and minimalistic identity for travel planning web application.
Roam & Venture is a web application that helps young travelers to create meaningful and authentic travel experiences by providing tools to organize their trips and connect with locals. The platform aims to foster a sense of community and cultural exchange, making it easier for travelers to engage with both other travelers and local people.

Campaign Identity:
Relaxed Vacation
To encourage young travelers to embrace relaxation and leisure on their vacations, our travel planning web application is launching a campaign centered on the concept of a 'Relaxed Vacation.

The campaign identity is rooted in the idea of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and indulging in some much-needed downtime. Each social media post features stunning images of iconic landmarks from popular destinations and groups of friends enjoying their time together, all highlighting the joys of a leisurely vacation.