Jacqueline Gamache is a Metro Detroit-based freelance graphic designer specializing in branding and UI/UX design.

Selected Projects

Brand Identity - Website Design - Campagin              2023

Roam & Venture

Brand Identity - Website Design - Campagin              2023

Plant Pal

Risograph - Sustainability                                             2022

Invasive Species

Brand Identity - Sustainability - Campaign                 2022 

Grizz Greens

︎ Behance
︎ Dribble

Plant Pal

UI/UX - App Design - Brand Identity - 2023
A fun task management app for students.

*Currently In Progress
With Plant Pal, you can easily organize your academic workload and prioritize your assignments, exams, and projects. But that's not all - every time you complete a task, you get to grow a virtual garden! As you complete more tasks, your garden will flourish and grow, giving you a sense of accomplishment and visual representation of your progress.